Review of 2016

2016 was a very active year for the Unity-and-Diversity World Council (UDC), and a time when some new projects were started or carried forward.

Our two major events were successful, bringing together many groups in cooperation.  Peace Sunday was held on September 18that the IMAN Cultural Center, with twenty-five co-sponsoring interfaith and peacemaking organizations.

The theme was “SUSTAINABILITY: Positive Local-to-Global Transformations at Every Level”.

Our second major event was the Interfaith Celebration of Light, which was held on December 17th, also at the IMAN Center.  Twenty co-sponsors took part, each having a chance to share a song, poem, or message as a group.  A festive atmosphere was created in support of the Holy Day Season.  With the challenges of our current national and international situation, the theme chosen was “In the Midst of Darkness, Light Persists”.

One of the new projects is the Jerusalem Prayer Project, which was launched at the Electric Lodge in Venice on December 10.  Stephen Fiske initiated the project and brought together artists, musicians, and media specialists for an outstanding presentation.  The multimedia project is focused in Jerusalem, but it also has a worldwide application.  Stephen and his JPP team have been in development

for nearly two years, and the project represents an alternative narrative to hatred,

enmity, violence, and war in the Holy Land and the world.  To learn more about

JPP, please go to

One of the recently initiated activities is the Universal Peoples Alliance.  It provides for the action arm of UDC.  One of its projects was its support of Standing Rock, the Native American action to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from going through its land in North Dakota, damaging sacred sites and risking

its waters due to pipeline leaks.  Temporarily, at least, Standing Rock achieved a success toward that end.  Huge numbers of people supported them around the country. including a demonstration in Los Angeles.

Other activities which continued through the year are monthly Interfaith Celebrations, Gatherings of Creative Community on Sunday mornings, monthly Board meetings, and a membership campaign supporting UDC.

Plans for 2017

The above activities and projects will continue in 2017, and the interfaith and intergroup cooperation will be of extra importance due to the election results and the tendency to target certain religions and ethnic groups which has arisen from those results.  Additional activities and actions will be undertaken as needed.

Membership and You

2017 is an especially challenging year, and the more we can work together the better we will be able to get through this year and beyond.  Membership shows your interest in being kept informed and having a way to participate in programs of interest as they come up during the year.  It also helps UDC to meet the expenses that we face in putting on these programs and serving the needs  of members and friends.

We cordially invite you to join UDC and participate whenever you can.

Here are the memberships available:

General Membership:  $35

Basic membership package: Includes reduced prices for publications and admission to events, plus 2-line listing in the Unity-and-Diversity World Directory.

Students and Seniors:  $20

Full-time students with ID, 62 years for seniors. Basic membership package as above.

Professional Member:  $50

Includes individual member benefits plus a 200-word statement in the Unity-and-Diversity World Directory.

Non-profit Organizational Member:  $60

Basic membership package as above plus a 200-word statement in the Unity-and-Diversity World Directory.

For-profit Business Member:  $100

Same as organizational member package.



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