Executive Board:

Laura Ava Tesimale: Co-Chair
Stephen L. Fiske: Co-Chair
Roslyn Scheuerman, MSW: Treasurer  (Click to see Biography)
Albert Duffy: Asst. Treasurer
Andre Graham
Uran Snyder
Thomas Hedberg
Rev. Dr. Mary Mann: Chair


Board Consultants

Dr.Linda Groff
David Harris
Jane Devine: Attorney/accountant
Lucy Bailey: Grants/ Fundraising
Seth Young

World Board:

Hector Aristizabal — Lecturer/activist, Hispanic community
Dr. Kenneth Beatty — Leader, United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle
Tahdi Blackstone, D.Min. — President, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Los Angeles
Dr. Robert Bonnell — former President, Theosophical Society of Long Beach
Hum and Rose Bui, M.D.’s — Leaders of Cao Dai Faith and interfaith work
Rev. Jan Chase — Minister, Unity Church of Pomona; Leader, Inland Valley Interfaith
Bhante Chao Chu — Head monk, Rosemead Buddhist Monastery
Dr. Laurel Clark — Leader, School of Metaphysics; Co-developer, Peace Dome
Rev. Prof. Theodore Clarke — Pasadena City College; Religious Science Minister
Rev. Albert Cohen, former Executive Director, Southern California Ecumenical Council
John Falchi — Educator; former member of UDC Executive Board
Rev. Tasnim Fernandez — Sufi Order; Teacher, Dances of Universal Peace
Dr. Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri — Founding President, International Association of Religious Freedom, Pakistan
Rev Dr. Linda Groff — former Professor, California State University Dominguez Hills
Alanna Hartsok — Co-director, Earth Rights Institute
Cliff Ishigaki — Founder, Orange County Psychosynthesis Center; former Board member, Unity-and-Diversity Minister
Kay Lindahl — Author, Sacred Art of Listening; Leader, North American Interfaith Network
Irving Sarnoff — Co-founder, Friends of the United Nations; peace activist
F. Richard Schneider, Ph.D. — Founder, Institute of Global Education
Alan Seaman — Teacher, meditator; former UDC Executive Board member
Jim Stewart — former Director, Earth Day Los Angeles
Rebecca Tobias — Member, Global Council, United Religions Initiative
Rev. Jeffrey Utter — So. Calif. contact, Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions
Rene Wadlow — Editor/Publisher, “Global Perspectives” Magazine
Sharif Abdullah — Founder, Commonway Institute; Author, Creating a World That Works for All
Mehnaz-Mona Afridi, Ph.D. — Muslim scholar; active in Muslim-Jewish dialogue
Andrew Beath — Founder, Earthways; Author, Consciousness in Action
Mobed Zarir Bhandara — Zoroastrian high priest; editor, Zoroastrian scriptures
Swami Brahmavidyananda — Monk, author, member of Vedanta Society
Ruth Broyde-Sharone — Producer, “God and Allah Need to Talk” video
Sister Gita — Director, Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Center Los Angeles
Jonathan Granoff — Global Security Institute; active with United Nations
Mussie Hailu — Representative, Association of World Citizens, Ethiopia
Rabbi Benjamin Herson — Emeritus, Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue
MSS Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa — Mother of 3HO Organization; Sikh Dharma
Huston Smith, Ph.D. — Author, World’s Religions and other books on religion
Ali Wassil, Ph.D., LL.D. — Co-founder of UDC: author, lecturer.