Cliff was ordained as a UDC Minister in 1995.

As a graduate of Chapman University and the University of San Francisco, his degrees in Counseling and Family therapy led him to pursue a specialty in trauma and addiction recovery work.

During the Vietnam war, he served as a Captain in the US Marine Corps, first as a platoon commander and then as Company Commander in 1969. His combat encounters led to a diagnosis of PTSD which led him to study of psychology and spirituality.

He served as the Director of Court School Counseling in Orange Co. working with youth-at-risk and the Court system for over a decade.

He took training in the spiritual psychology called Psychosynthesis and became co-director of the training center in Pasadena in the 1980s and early 1990s.

His interest in the martial art of Aikido led to over 44 years of training and as a senior instructor uses the art to teach conflict resolution to groups. He has taken both Aikido and Psychosynthesis training to England, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Switzerland, and India.

Much of his current trauma and addictions recovery work includes work with grieving and loss for veteran and civilian clients and their families. The necessity for sound psychological approaches and spiritual principles is a necessity for real recovery in serving others.

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