The UDWC (Unity and Diversity World Council) Ministry is one part of the UDWC Council, focused on building bridges toward peace, justice, and sustainability in society. The ministry focuses particularly on the interfaith and inter-religious aspects of that mission.


UDWC was founded by Leland Steward as one of the earliest organizations promoting interfaith understanding and peace between them, since the 1960s when people didn‘t even recognize the word “interfaith.”
The ministry is particularly focused on a non-denominational and non-sectarian way to work between, among, and with various religious people and non-religious people alike, trying to spread understanding and work toward nonviolent just solutions in this world. It also trains ministers toward these ends – Training involves increasing knowledge about the world’s major religions and spiritualities; developing skills for communication, listening, and caring for those in need; and learning how to lead or facilitate interfaith rituals, ceremonies, and dialogues.
Our flagship program is the Interfaith Minister training, which was re-designed between 2020 and 2021 to meet the needs of modern ministers and to be flexible toward the aims of different people in their service goals.
However, we also currently offer three certificate programs:
Regarding our ethics policies and procedures, please see the EAR (Ethics and Reconciliation) Council
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