Sector Descriptions
Science, technology, and spirituality – The wise use of science and technology based on universal spiritual values and principles that benefit the whole of humanity.

Peace with the Earth – Stewardship, sustainability, the threats to the environment, reversing global warming, understanding our sacred interrelationship with all creation.

Nonviolence – A way of living based on Satyagraha (truth or soul force), and methods of action, strategy and tactics for social change based on Ahimsa (love and respect for the sacredness of all life).

Health, healing, and nutrition – Individual and collective well being, eradicating disease, feeding the global population, providing healthy organic methods of growing and raising food, issues of health care, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Interpersonal, gender, family relations – Validating and balancing the roles of all genders within the fabric of society and family, considering the rise of the Divine Feminine and the empowerment of women.

Inner Peace/Spiritual Awareness – Looking at the cultivation of inner peace and how it helps to create peace in the world. Also the experience of spirituality in connecting each individual, as well as their respective faiths and belief systems, to life’s ultimate nature.

Education – Refers to peace education in particular based on understanding that peace is a subject worthy of inclusion in our educational curriculum on all levels. How we educate people impacts how they see and experience the world.

Media and the Arts – The way peace is portrayed and projected through the arts and the use of various media to mirror the world AND communicate peaceful alternatives for humanity’s future.

Intercultural/Interfaith – This is where the cultures and faiths of the world come together to interact with each other in respectful dialogue to create deeper understandings, areas of common ground, and collective collaboration.

End War/Sustain Peace – Here is the transformation from war-making to peace-building. Ending war and reducing military spending is a prerequisite for a peaceful and sustainable future. Also creating institutions to keep the peace.

Social Justice/Human Rights/Government – Establishing human rights and social justice upheld by a government is critical to establishing and maintaining a culture of peace. There can be no peace without justice.

Alternative Economics/Business – Searching for an ethical basis for economics and business that is based upon sharing for the common good and a concern for the well-being of all people and the planet.