David J. Harris

David Harris



…the founder of the Mandala Society,  has become fundamental to the future and vision of the Unity and Diversity Council. He has been creating with the organization for over 50 years including establishing it at The University of California San Diego. But since Leland’s passing, his role, input, and ideas, have filled the organization with hope, prosperity, and ideals, of creating a more sustainable world in which we live.

David is behind the first-ever Holistic Health Conferences with a Medical school and the First National Holistic Education Conference and in 1968 the first Developing Personal Potential program evolved to focus on the Unity-and-Diversity Council being a paramount gift to the Non-Organization O.U.R. Holistic Renaissance Evolving Social Media Web Site for spotlighting action that is birthing our Sustainable prosperity for all with Freedom and Justice for All.

Also, The World Peace Prayer Society will be working with Unity-and-Diversity and the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks as well as the Cultural Affairs Department in planting Peace Poles through the beautiful parks in the city of the Angels with the words May Peace Prevail on Earth in many languages welcoming inhabitants from every place on the planet who now reside in the city of the Angels.  It is important to be mindful here that this society was founded in Japan after Hiroshima and its significance for Global Peace and Justice could be unparalleled.

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