Rev. Stephen L. Fiske

Stephen Longfellow Fiske is a Co-Producer for 3rd Sundays of One Global Family’s Call To Action Broadcasts ~ “SACRED ACTIVISM: Peace Sundays RevoLution”. He is also an Advisory Board Member of Unity and Diversity World Council and One Global Family Foundation & Alliances.

Stephen Longfellow Fiske serves as the Co-Chair and Executive Producer for Peace Sunday 2020.  Stephen is the founder and executive director/producer of The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP), and the owner of Stephen L. Fiske Music. He is also a musician, author, poet, Interfaith Minister, long-time peace and environmental activist, and past executive director of the Unity and Diversity World Council. He is a multi-talented individual whose dedication to peace, humanitarian, environmental and spiritual concerns has always found expression through his artistic pursuits. Since his first album release, Seeds of Peace, in 1980, through his current CD (11th) Flow, Stephen has established himself as an inspired performer and veteran poet/spokesman of the times. He has authored “The Art of Peace” (New Paradigm Books) and “The Call to Interfaith”, and has performed and spoken widely across the US and abroad. Stephen has won numerous awards including The International Peace Music Award in 1994 and has had his songs recorded by Luther Vandross and Jose Feliciano, among others.

“Flow” is a selection of original orchestrated, melodic guitar compositions with guest recording artists. The featured track, “Jerusalem Prayer”, has become the soundtrack for a film in development by that same title which forms the foundation for The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP), non-profit music, film, and multimedia venture designed to create a self-sustaining interactive global peacebuilding platform from a uniquely interfaith perspective.

Stephen is the founder and executive director/producer of JPP, and for the past three years, Stephen has teamed up with videographer Robert Corsini, to initiate The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP). This new non-profit multimedia endeavor got started based on the musical composition of that name, written by Stephen inspired by his visits to Jerusalem. The project has expanded, becoming a full team effort using technology, the arts, and social media, producing a documentary series, ‘Warriors of the Heart: Peacemakers in the Holy Land’. Recently they produced the music video tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., “We Carry the Dream”, based on Stephen’s song co-written with Sophia Roberts, and released in February. 2018, which is also the theme of Peace Sunday 2020.

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