Michael P. Brinsley
Board Secretary & Chief Technology Officer


I am honored to serve as Secretary on the Executive Board & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Unity and Diversity World Council (UDWC 2.0), and also as such for three of its DBA’s known as One Global Family Foundation (OGFF), Peace Sunday (PS), and the Councils of Interfaith & Indigenous Women-Youth (CIIWY). My other responsibilities for these non-profit organizations also include serving as the Committee Co-Chair for Websites & Social Media.  Committee Advisor for Governance, Finance, Strategic Planning, and Peace Sunday.

I have been optimizing technical systems since my early college days back in 1981.  I love staying up with computers, networks, websites, security, and many technology-related matters, working on them after hours, when employees go home, or at minimal usage time schedules, such as 24/7 business models, such as with hotels. Valuable insights have been acquired in working within several industries and business categories, such as Doctor/Medical/Health, Hospitality/Hotels, Insurance, Small Businesses, Home-based Business, Networking, Web-work plus Online Remote Access, and Onsite Support.

In terms of websites and design, I have been building and optimizing them since 1999.  Several sections are involved including administrative cPanel, web hosting, email formats, and using the wide diversity of online tech options that are available.  I also recommend using secure formats to login and web form fills, such as using Captcha, to set time-limits on editing, Cloudflare, backup, web forms, and firewalls to further secure unique business concepts and differing web content.

I have been working from remote locations (my office, or anywhere via laptop support) for well over a decade, to save people time and money and to have the lowest support and maintenance impact on daily business activities.  I love what I do and continue to recommend the favorite technologies that are working now, yet continue to be researching what will be working towards the future of “best in format and work-ability” for each unique business and network layout.  My set up of technology also includes, and I enjoy training people on how to maintain their tech systems, so they need to make fewer support calls, even though I am always available.

IT Staff and support groups are many, including hotel chains, Doctors’ offices, Insurance firms, and many homes and small business-based IT support staff entities.

We are all of our own ‘spiritual universal views’ and I believe in what is good for one is also good for many, and should be shared, towards the expanding of the mind for all.  My preference is always non-divisive, all-inclusive, yet let all share and express their own world view.

In summary:   “Pouring water into the lake so that ALL boats rise!”

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 Michael Brinsley
IT Trainer & Specialist, Remote & Onsite
877-IT-247-IT   [email protected]