Purpose Statement of the Alliance:

“The Universal Peoples Alliance is a gathering of individuals, groups, and networks to pursue solutions for local-to-global challenges. The Alliance shall employ a compassionate communication process so as to involve the greatest diversity of participation, support ethical and spiritual values, and seek consensus. The Universal Peoples Alliance is invited to participate in our annual Peace Sunday and to meet monthly throughout the rest of the year.” The Alliance is an activity of Unity-and-Diversity World Council.

Organizations that have agreed to cooperate:

Addicted to War, All Paths Divinity School, Cities of Compassion, Federation of Zoroastrian Associations, Global Network Against Weapons in Space, IMAN Cultural Center, Interfaith Observer, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Mevlana World Brotherhood Union, World Peace Prayer Society, and Yogaville. (300 organizations are being contacted to take part in this effort. Others who show interest will be listed as they so indicate.)

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