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Laura Lafoia Ava-Tesimale

Laura Lafoia Ava-Tesimale

Laura Lafoia Ava-Tesimale is a Pacific American entrepreneur, humanitarian, global peace activist, community organizer, and motivational speaker. She was born in the village of Pavaiai, an island of Tutuila, American Samoa, raised in Hawaii and resides in California USA. She is a steward of Mother Earth, dedicated to indigenous causes, empowering women & youth, strengthening families & uplifting communities. Most importantly, Laura is a mother to Brittany, Nicole, her foster children, many orphans & vulnerable kids worldwide. She was a devoted wife of 33-years to her late husband Mike Foimai Tesimale.

Laura's professional career spans over 30-years in Mortgage Banking holding positions such as Branch Manager, Account Executive, Corporate Executive, Consultant... managing production & operational divisions of multi-billion dollar real estate lending firms. Since 2001, Laura has also been the CEO of AVA Consulting & Management, as well as Founder/CEO of One Global Family Fdn. In 2015, she founded Councils of Interfaith & Indigenous Women-Youth. And in 2017, she became the COO/Co-Chair of Splassher, Inc.

Laura has extensive experience serving on boards. She is an active leader for several humanitarian, interfaith, and indigenous orgs that work in alliance with the global Parliament of the World’s Religions, United Religions Initiative, Unity & Diversity World Council, the OC & LA County Sheriff's Councils.

Laura currently serves as Global Ambassador for Free Wheelchair Mission since 2006 (serving disabled poor in 93 countries); Global Ambassador & Director of the Pacific Region for GiveLight Fdn since 2008 (building sustainable orphanages & sponsorship support for orphans worldwide); and through the collaborative efforts of her One Global Family Fdn & its community partners such as Manav Sadhna, UN Women, BTC, UCO, SARAH, VICC, PICP, HIL, ORC, GCH.. thousands of underprivileged children/families, refugees, homeless & disabled poor are served/uplifted locally & globally.